"This is far more than just disgusting."  


It's pretty clear by now that IT IS far more... Quebec biotechs buddy... once the major subsidies dried up so did the companies, sold off in bits either in fire sales or outright expedited bankruptcies.

Today, a class action was launched against 8 directors of BSY Biosyntech. Some involved with "Fonds de Solidarite Quebec" An effort I spearheaded in 2010 with other shareholders... and invested sums of money to fight the imminent bankruptcy in court. See belows links they're in french but google translate if needed

I think bringing in the Media is the answer to the AGM... And if, goodness forbid, violence broke out, might add some much needed exposure before their deed is done.




Note to management: For 10+ years now I've watched you erode this company... You think you're untouchable? We'll see...