Actually I am far from being optimistic just a little sarcastic. Unless management has some rabbits they plan on pulling out of their collective hats and soon the future is pretty clear to me. With less than $3,200 in shares trading today it is starting to look like there was no great hurry to do the RS to open the door for new investors.

The final straw for me will be if management is awarded bonuses for 2012 after wiping out $millions on a failed Synera marketing strategy and then borrowing $4 million at 15% before paying out 2011 bonuses.Exisitng shareholders should be gearing up for a war with the first battle at the AGM in June over the payment of management bonuses for 2012. When management launches an equity offering you can expect an escalation of the battle. Shareholders will need to reclaim the company by removing a Board the up until now has destroyed significant shareholder value even as it was rewarding management year in and year out with outrageous bonus payments and stock options which they have also been partaking in as well.

Perhaps there are things going on behind closed doors but shareholders are not privy to these. Perhaps a deal or some positive news will come out and make sense of this whole nightmare but after 8+ years, history says otherwise. Time will tell. On that note have a good weekend.