There is no doubt that the last quarterly was bizarre with either unexplained drops in sales or absent sales.  Clearly creative legal accounting methods were likely used to book Q1 sales and shipments forward into Q2, to make Q1 the bottom of barrel.

Reasons I would speculate this:

- This RS is coming with either a new exchange listing or a new round of equity financing.  Either way the market maker or underwriter wants a significant discount to the recent street price and ensured this would happen be creating an air of dread.

- A good Q2 will make them look like heros with the share price in the $2-3 range, and then it moving upward on good news.  If they knew there was nothing in the way of positive news on the horizon, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot by pulling the trigger on this now.

- To avoid a post-RS downtrend, which is always a risk in any RS, they clearly waited until market cap dropped below the breakup value of the company.  This way there will likely be only one way to go in the short to medium term, which is up.


All that said, I expect the lines of commucation to mysteriously grow much more open with shareholders over the next several months, as all good news will be touted in support of the stock.  The recent sandbagging was clearly all oriented toward what happened today in my opinion.  Take my opinion for what you paid for it.