As along,long time invester I realize there is risk,and I don`t claim to be a rocket scientist,but I always believed the no.1 priority of any company was to make aPROFIT.You the invest a portion of the PROFITS in new equipment,R&D,etc.How this board can continuosly earn a very healthy paycheck and somehow justify BONUSES boarders on criminal,certainly immoral.I have no illusions of recouping even 25% of my losses,and I accept I made a very bad investment,but I really believd in the product and my Doctor told me it was the best in it`s field.Wheather the sp is .05 or .01 means very little to me now and I`ll never sell at this price,since most of my investment is in RRSP`s I cant claim the loss.but I think it`s discusting that these incompetents feel they deserve a bonus every year.They should take voluntary pay cuts for every quarter they lose money and live in the REAL WORLD,Thank`s for letting me vent alittle.....golfboy>