Hippy, We can't help everyone... Some will listen, some won't. It's not yours or My prob... its theirs.

Canadian equities market remains unregulated... Invest your money in Bangladesh, same difference IMO

To be honest, The biotechs are the most corrupt of them all... As soon as the gov grants dry up, So does the company. Paladin seems to have gotten some taste for it too(see labopharm). 

They could NOT have beaten this company any more... a slow bleed out. Orchestrated by our saviours 

Should I have been more vocal during the proxy fight? Perhaps... but

Those who know me would say "there's no way you could have been more vocal" back then... alone and fighting the Borg... You guys remember yes?   :)   Maybe Rebecca & freddie would have killed this dog sooner but IMO... It would have been a favor to the new investors who trusted the new management team. Shame!!!!