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Nuvo Research Inc T.NRI

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
Alternate Symbol(s):  NRIFF | NRIFD

Nuvo Research, Inc. is a Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company with manufacturing operations. The Company operates two distinct business units: the Topical Products and Technology (TPT) Group (formerly the Pain Group) and the Immunology Group.
Price: $3.25 | Change: $-0.03 | %Change: -0.91%
Volume: 16,285 | Day High/Low: 3.25/3.24 | 52 Week High/Low: 5.73/1.42

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Now We Know Something is up ...

Suspicious - the company issues new shares and instead of going down to reflect the dilution the stock price goes up. There is a clause that allows the company to call the warrants if the 10-day...read more
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More Good News..Two more drugs

uvo, Ferndale, CRO to develop dermatology products 2014-04-23 07:44 ET - News Release   Mr. Dan Chicoine reports NUVO RESEARCH ANNOUNCES COLLABORATION TO DEVELOP TOPICAL DERMATOLOGY PRODUCTS ...read more
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RE:Mallinckrodt, Nuvo Sue Metrics Over Generic Pennsaid Share

They can't make money selling the stuff, perhaps suing is the the way top go. It is playing into management's core competency - litigation.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:What is this really worth

ha ha ha ha ha.....that's a good one..... rock, aka superwatch, aka Dan/John, spare us the nonsense. Speaking for myself, and a few dozen other shareholders, nothing would be better than a high...read more
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Mallinckrodt, Nuvo Sue Metrics Over Generic Pennsaid Share

http://www.law360.com/articles/530343/mallinckrodt-nuvo-sue-metrics-over-generic-pennsaid Mallinckrodt, Nuvo Sue Metrics Over Generic Pennsaid Share us on: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn By...read more
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RE:What is this really worth

where do you get this will get a Nasdaq listing?  rate and reply
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You are clearly very upset about the way insiders have enriched themselves. My question to you is, other than being upset, what do you plan to do to remedy your cognitive dissonance?  rate and reply
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RE:What is this really worth

$12 to $15 by Sept? That would mean that shareholders will get rich along with management. The little folk holding their 38 shares won't like that one bit. If they had their way, the share price...read more
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RE:What is this really worth

What we can be 100% sure of is that whatever shareholders get it will be 6.25% less than it would have been otherwise by the arbitrary initiation of the SARS plan. That is of course notwithstanding...read more
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What is this really worth

We can gripe about the great deal insiders are getting and how they've made out like bandits, pirates, scallywags and scoundrels  etcetera however what really matters is what do we get. Right? so...read more
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Stock Based Compensation Plans - The Issues & Questions

Here are some of the issues with regards to the Stock Based Compensation Plans - Read at your own risk. At the end of 2012 there were 8.735 M shares in Nuvo Research. During 2013 an additional 0.115...read more
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Recent movement just speculation based on some pharmaceutical takeovers we've recently seen?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Stock-Based Compensation Plans - Backgrounder

"except for ordinary long-suffering shareholders." Have you tried prayer ?  rate and reply
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RE:Stock-Based Compensation Plans - Backgrounder

Wow, this company looks increasingly like a pirates' version of the Royal Mint.  What a super money machine -- except for ordinary long-suffering shareholders.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Get ready ...

TheRock07 wrote: Its looking very good. Of course, the little folk holding 38 shares since 2000 arnt pleased. EasyRock...143 Shares since 2001. Haha... I recovered long ago on this one. What comes...read more
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Stock-Based Compensation Plans - Backgrounder

The audited financial statements available on SEDAR provides more detailed information on the company stock plans. What you need to know... There are six stock-based compensation plans: the Share...read more
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RE:Get ready ...

Its looking very good. Of course, the little folk holding 38 shares since 2000 arnt pleased.  rate and reply
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Get ready ...

Sellers have been wrung out, insiders have loaded up. Get ready for a long run higher!  rate and reply
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RTQ 3.23 and counting

The price continues to go up this morning with big bids supporting it along the way! RTQ as of 10:27am $3.25/share with a volume of 6426 shares traded so far.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Take a look at the amount of reads...Lots of followers here

Shut my pie hole? That is a bit rich, no?  I think your recent pumping and infantile analysis needs to be put into context. Seriously, do you think that 200 views of a post is ANY indication that...read more