To call me a liar is pretty strong language as after being told this by another shareholder i personally phoned myself and was told by the IR gal they were not sure whether they were going to still take the road of an off take agreement. Do you really think my questions are going to create selling give your head a shake Tango. Look back at my posts I am full of praise for NPK Management, Board and the project.  I was honest about my position  and I have yet to recieve any feedback on the pricing issue. There is a reason that the larger funds have not stepped in here and if you take a look at POT it is showing in their share price as well. The entire AG sector is fearful of pricing going forward as a result of supply and demand so why would NPK be any different. As i have said before should npk execute an off take agreement or a financing i will position myself immediately. I have been trading NPK for three years now and have booked $32,185 profit and whether i get in at $3.00 or $.4.00 makes no difference to me as i willnot buyback until i see clear evidence that the project financing is moving forward. With this certainty i firmly believe NPK could be a twenty dollar stock very quickly. I believe that financing this project without a firm committment in terms of an off take agreement would be very risky. One learns to fear these issues based on experience ( its called a huge loss from the past ) I guess you have never had to face a devastating loss as you are much to smart.