Sounds like you don't have the intestinal fortitude for this so given how much angst this is clearly causing you then the healthiest thing for you to do is step aside and wait until there is less risk.  Sell now and wait until after the offtake agreements, after the BFS, after the financing arrangements have been announced...that is how you can manage the risk here.  Will you have to pay more to get back in?  Of course, but that is the trade off.  

I actually think that financing is not a significant risk at this point.  We know that Brazil considers potash to be a strategic resource.  We know that Brazil is determined to develop local sources of this strategic resource.  We know that Brazil has an enormous amount of capital that is earmarked for development of projects just such as this one (BNDES).  We know that Verde has been in discussions with BNDES.  We know that the state government has long been very supportive of this project and announced years ago the tax incentives and potential sources of financing that would be available to the company.  We know that the company has hired a professional who is extremely competent in assembling large project finance transactions.  The company has put the world's best engineering talent on the FS.  They have put together a powerhouse management team.  They are sitting on a strategic resource that isn't going anywhere.  I think it is just a matter of time before the pieces come together but yes, not everybody will have the patience to stick around for the fun part of the ride.