Where did i indicate i was proud somehow tango you have totally missed my point and because i express a concern you see that as assault on the current shareholders. This is not just me my friend the market is suggesting that something is amiss. I in no way accused Management or the Board of any wrong doing in fact i believe that NPK have one of the best teams one could wish for. The market was not that excited about the PFS at $470 a ton so my concern now is what will a sub $400 mark mean to the financing of the project? So far i have not heard you comment on that question. Its no secret that demand has softened thus lower prices and just so you know POT is already producing and has no startup costs to worry about. NPK needs to raise a huge amount of money and that is my concern. Inability to raise the money in an enviroment like this where raising money is difficult could indeed push the startup date further down the road. That would put much pressure on the stockprice. Did Vale not just suspend a potash project?