I could go on and on for ever but I have the feeling it's useful to discuss this with you, chucky and the other retard who joined the club just two months ago. THe latest presentation (and the one before) clearly states that the off take agreements are to be developed in the first quarter of 2013. You decided that something said verbally (by whoever) and which cannot even be proved,  is to be trusted more than written documents that could be seen by everybody. It's your call but I have a word for it, one that you wouldn't like it. Anyway, this management didn't mislead anybody, not even one once, so the fact that you distrust their presentation without a particular reason is disturbing, unless you have a reason for it. Secondly, you keep telling about falling potash prices, but you fail to see (intentionally or not) that these prices would affect everybody in the field, and, eventually, only the lowest producer would survive. And for Brazil, this is NPK.

THird, when you talk about 8,000$ profit with NPK (which would be less now if you were to bay back) makes me laugh. I wouldn't be so proud about it. Remember that I got in when it was AMZ and it was at the beginning, so this should make you more humble.

Question: if you  believe the world fertilizer prices will drop, why do you keep watching them unless your intention is to short them?