OMG the Dan board was talking about imminent takeovers and praising a financing that i felt was onerous. I disclosed that i had sold my Dan just as i disclosed i had sold my NPK. I was so negative that i took Dan off my trading screen and never went back to the board. I am sorry you donot like my questions Tango but as stated i started out this year feeling NPK was a no brainer investment. I love the project the Management and the Board but i feel that the price of potash will hinder its efforts. I sold my NPK in the $3.90 range and so far I feel good about this decision. Will i buy it back? Not sure unless i see a favorable off take agreement or commitment to finance and then i would position myself immediately. The market is suggesting that not all is well here. Just my opinion. I donot critisize you for holding your position so why critisize me for taking a $1.00 profit on 8000 shares.