Your latest post shows how much you know about NPK, I should say how much you don't know about NPK, and you still have strong opinions about this company. I never said I don't own NPK, I said I never bought NPK but I said I bought AMZ. Amazon (ticker AMZ) was the name of NPK until April or May 2011. I`ve been invested in this company for several years already and my only regret is I don`t own more of this stock. This was in response to your stupid statement regarding of how much I paid  for this stock and when I bought it. I`ll let you guess how much I paid for my shares. Let`s go back to NPK. I gave you several reasons why this is a good stock: good management, board of directors with excellent connection, perfect location considering Brazil as the third potash consumer in the world; support from the government for financing, regarding taxes. Brazil also wants to do with the fertilizers the same thing it did with the gas: to become independent so, the government would throw their  weight behind local companies. What makes NPK very strong in Brazil is the cost advantage due to almost nonexistent shipping charges. Do some research and figure out how much is to ship a tonne from Saskatchewan or Africa (where the infrastructure is nonexistent) to Brazil. From Sk you can find the costs from NPK web site.

You dismissed all these comments and kept asking the same stupid question: why is the price down. It`s down for of the same reasons all these juniors are down, and it will be down until they will start production or some off-take agreementswill be announced.  If you didn`t know that, take my advice and get out of this stock. 

Please stop talking about your loser stock on this board and take any comments regarding aaa to its right forum.