chucky boy, first of all the mistatements came from you. you're the one to come here and claim that aaa performed better than NPK, which is a blatant lie, as I already proved it to you. if we read bigship's (even for you it would be possible to understand it) your lie is even bigger. The other statements I made are:in Ethiopia the land is owned by the government and it can only be leased (read wikipedia if you ever heard of it) ; the other one I made  is that Africa as region is more unstable politically speaking than Brazil (see mali which was the one of most friendly mining country).. I do not want to get in a contest with you about which company is better becasue here on NPK board, we do not care about your loser. We are not so desperate about the drop in stock price to go to other boards and try to promote and advertise NPK. We didn't ask your opinions about your losing stocks, but nonetheless you offered them anyway, so, if you don't have anything to offer or to say about NPK, is better to go back to your paper route.