chucky, first of all you're trying to manipulate the charts using the dates that are convenient for you. NPK fell from a high of about $9.2 to $3.05 which is ~66%, aaa fell from a high of $2.25 to $0.46 which represents approx. 80%, but of course for you being such a savvy investor, it's a small detail. actually the drop in aaa stock price it's worse because it's more constant over a longer period of time, even when the markets were recovering. So draw your own conclusion (if you can, which I doubt it). Read it again.

Secondly, we don't need to go to other boards and, out of desperation, try to promote NPK. You're not the only one from aaa, there is a guy bob-ten (maybe it's you) who is doing the same thing with your loser stock,  on every potash play on this website. You guys better take it like real men, take your losses, stop pestering other boards.

Ps. By the way, you should show some dignity and stop rating yourself because you're not impressing anybody here.