had a chance to look at globe investor analyst ratings and as i said a few days ago both are buys

aaa - 2 strong buys and 3 buys and one hold

npk - 3 - strong buys and 2 buys and 3 holds

if memory serves me well they both got clobbered last year....aaa went from .98 to 45 and well you know the numbers on verde.....it aint pretty and while most of you disagree it was mostly a swing away from potash stocks in great numbers.....their is not one of a dozen out their that was positive.....But thats where the good investors come into play....they recognize potential.....and thats why i now own both.....verde and npk....i think the regional advantages of both in the long term will be providers of potash for a long time......aaa says they will mine 1 million metric tons by 2014.....and 5-6 million in the decade alone for africa......as for financing those who talk about support COMING FROM BRAZIL.....The world bank is involved with allaana.....and has comitted along with liberty metals soft financing of 650 million.....Do you doubt their will be a potash mine in Ethiiopia?    Do i know if npk or aaa will recover in short term....i have my doubts...but thats good.....its better to have upside surprises