If you don't know already that a stock price can fall easily on very low volumes, then you have a watch list for nothing. The fact that the price falls on 10, 20, 30 thousands shares volume means nothing; any guy can sell his 500-1000  shares at the market price anytime becasue he's not in for the long term. the faxt there is no volume yet means also that the existing shareholders keep their shares and won't sell to a guy who just want to make 200-300 bucks on a trade (and hopes to do that by making stupid comments now and then). If you don't believe in fundamentals, if you don't believe in management, just go away and try to make money on a stock you believe. your remarks are just innuendo. just look at the board of directors, search about them, see who they are and what positions they hda in the brazilian government, and if you think they are stupid and don't know what they doing and who they associate with, then the joke it's on you.