You may be right. As I said previously I'm not well educated in this sector. I bought a significant position a few years ago based on a strong recommendation from a friend who did follow this sector. I did a very basic search based on your suggestion and from what I came up with a look at around a dozen companies in this space seem to be anywhere up to down 20% or so over the last year nothing like the collapse Verde has experienced. From someone like me who doesn't understand the inside I can only see from public releases the decline from $9 to $3 correlating pretty close with announcements that started in early 2012 that focused on path to market and financing requirements/structure. In many sectors today you live or die with the quality of your financing structure. This may not be the case for Verde they may be beyond that time will tell. Let's hope you're right and it's a non issue. Recent comments from the CEO and CFO haven't seemed to stabilize the stock at all this is where I believe some meaningful insider buying would make a strong statement. Anyway thanks for your feedback.