You raise appropriate point on CEO he lacks credibility. I don't think it's so much contradictions but rather news that changes dynamics of the investment in this company. Perhaps some brought on by not having aquality CFO until recently if you want to look at how the market and institutions have reacted to Verde look at press releases from January 2012 through March 2012. I these releases the market starts to understand the magnitude of the financing and dilution required as well as their path to market. Then as the year goes on you get delays and then end up with the stock eroding from $9 to $3. Unless you're inside tough to determine realty but it's probably a reasonable assumption they can get to market but at what cost is the big question? The promotional dreams of a $20 stock seem far fetched but maybe $8-$10 over the next few years is possible if they actually get financing and to market. This is just an opinion from a layman view looking at the information released in 2012 and following the decline.