With all respect the SP issue may not be related to tax selling. We’ve heard the CEO repeat the same things over and over for a year now with essentially nothing new of any significance. This group has made some bold claims that promoted their stock to around $10 but are now facing reality. I get the big news is to come with the feasibility study (and don’t be surprised if this is more like a year away) and then financing but if Verde were real players in this space at a current market cap one third of what it was less than a year ago we would be seeing much more.. 1)insider buying 2)industry respect and 3)serious coverage. Yes, recently Scotia initiated a look with a guarded view but it is largely ignored by major players. Their claims are dependent on approx $650MM financing which will be very tough in today’s world especially looking for debt in the 60 to 70 % range. If they get financed they will likely have to raise 50% or more through equity which will mean substantial dilution perhaps one reason why the stock has dropped from $9. Depending on their level of dilution they could be overvalued at $3. Another main issue is how expensive their production costs are vs. other players, they downplay it by sighting freight savings that offset their high cost but that statement only goes so far if the big players in the industry want to combat that they have numerous ways and substantial resources to do so. I want to believe in these guys and have invested significantly based on information I trusted but as I put together the reality of their delays, dilution, competitive issues, no significant industry coverage or buzz and NO insider buying I’m starting to think this company doesn’t have the substance it was reported to have. I’m by no means an expert just an investor that’s trying to piece together info in order to figure out is $3 the bottom or maybe the highest we’ll ever see again from Verde. Hopefully the former.