Steady sellng lately from Merrill, hard on the price of a thinly traded stock when an institution or large holder chooses to exit/reduce their position.  Any insight on this, especially whether they may be close to done?  Once they are done the price probably snaps back up even without news.  It's very tempting to buy more but would rather wait until they are done.

Knowledgeable observations on the Company's progress most welcome as they are very tight with news and progress reports.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it often appears the price is being held in check, probably in the name of market-making, by selling lots of 100 or 200 shares at close, regular intervals on quieter days.  I think most agree that this has the potential to go to much higher levels in the virtual blink of an eye.  It seems there are those who maybe don't want that to happen yet.