But there is a very strong level of accumulation happening daily. Today another seller showed up and the stock was pulled back slowly while these shares were taken up and then at the end of the day after a last of $4.04 an order for 20,000 shares at market showed up with one minute to go and bought all the stock up to and including $4.35. This is the 6th day in a row that this has happened. Its sad to see the little guy get shooken out here but that is their exact gameplan. Someone is looking for size and is very patient. IMO this Company is grossly undervalued and when the off take agreements start showing up we will all wish we had bought more at these levels. In the video both were very certain that this project is going to be fast tracked and this tells me that the non equity financing is well on course. All it would take right now is one or two institutions deciding that they want a position in Verde and the rest will be history.