OK fine...

I purchased at 17 cents...probably the only time I can ever say that I bought any stock at the absolute lowest.

I am very happy with the return to date....

I love the bul@sh^&tters around here and stockhouse as whole...saying how much they have made and or how what they are worth....classic.

So let me give you a dose of reality (keeping in mind I am pro NPC)

I rode a FDA decision a few years ago with a company who's sticker is V.SSS and had the pleasure of seeing my stock value fall 90 percent in about 90 seconds. Good fun let me tell you! Oh and unlike you my friend, I did not have 500 bucks on the line...with about 3 to 4 hundred thousand shares it stung a bit.

Mind you, I purchased those shares much like these at a lower price but still watched a great deal of money come and go.  

Why has Frank Holler (an Allon insider) been selling hundreds of thousands of shares on the open market over the last number of months...because he has a sure thing right?? Why sell at a dollar when you can get 30 cents....Um Ok.

There are many positive indications, but an approval for PSP will not mean an automatic approval for Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s. To think this is the cure all for those markets is absurd...if it were would the share price be cents....

Allon has achieved what big pharma (30 billion plus) cannot?

If so why is an insider selling?

Hey, just questions....keep riding your pour soul train to the top.