Thanks Mum , I've stopped running with scissors too, promise. 

How many guys driving Bentlys owe it all to " being careful " and where were you when I was buying Manulife.

I've told my kids don't start dreaming of Turkey just yet because boiled pigs feet could be on the menu by Christmas. Then again we might be going Turkey shopping in a Bently !

We have a blog with one poor sole saying, in effect , that he could barely walk or talk but after participating in a drug trial he could do both much better and we have others who's conditions improved or at least stablized until the trial ended for them and then they seemed to decline rapidly.

I don't know of a better leading indicator than that and I'm prepared to take an acceptable level of risk to see how this turns out. 

More importantly than making more stupid money is that this drug really needs to work and be approved to help those people on that blog and many more like them and maybe even some of us in the future.