aweigh from that interview not least of which is the sense that we may not get a black or white response from the FDA . There seems to be a number of positive scenarios they are planning for. Personally I'm of the opinion that the efficacy bar should be quite low in this case. Any relief from the effects of PSP should result in a positive outcome for NPC given that there appears to be no negative side effects.

I'm particularly pleased with his suggestion that the stock could be a 15 bagger right out of the gate . He made that call on Oct 3 when the stock was in the low .30s so he's suggesting an upside of $ 4.50 could be possible

Who he is, what his expertise is and how he comes to that conclusion I don't know but it works for me. A lot better that limp call of .65 from Cannaccord.

He also sees a run to .98 pre result which might be a bit of a stretch but lets aweight and see.

Thanks for posting that !