I don't want to rain on your party but if you think finding more gas in India is going to encourage the Indian government to double/triple the gas price to $8-12/Mcf you have another thing coming. The only way Reliance has been able to force the issue is to stop drilling the past couple of years saying that field has some technicial issues. I am sure it does but more importantly they needed to force government to except a high gas price. This only happens when there is a shortage of gas and now they have a "massive" find. I bet you the first thing the Indian government thought was well that means we can keep the gas price low. I remember when Niko was going around saying $4.20/Mcf was the perfect price - yeah right!. There is too much baggage in India and their working interest is too small for this stock to have a big run on this find. They need success in Indonesia - they have drilled 4-6 wells there with no success. I think India puts a floor in the SP but will not move it 20 or 60 - that can only come from Indonesia.