All this talk about “only 10%” is just silly. 10% of huge find is still huge & NOTHING on this scale even comes close in playing around in Canada. Last time this same 10% took NKO to $115 & it was a biggest gas find in the world at 15 Tcf. At the end it fizzled to just ~ 1 or 2 Tcf & Niko failed to capitalize on the high.

Samson has big ideas ….Trinidad & now Indonesia but there is no knowable base for the home run in this company. This deeper play is HUGE (pressures & rates are astronomical) & I only hope that the extend of the reservoir is there to support multi Tcf reserves. With $8 to 12/mcf price for any new gas this play has the potential to repeat the original D6 discovery… $100/share even with 70 million shares out. The only problem this time around is that Samson failed once to prove himself and deliver the goods so there will be more skepticism for this new run. I added to my ‘old’ position that I did not sell at $115 ….lol & I’m on for the ride to ~ $60.