I  think they know now that  the large land portfolio is only valuable if drillnig in the right locations.  I  like  the steps management has done in   going back  to the drawing board and  being selective  and patient  and letting the GEOLOGY   decide the drilling locations.   With natural  gas  exports  just being approved in USA  leading to     the beginnnig  of a     "world price "  for natural  gas  this is the best  speculative  stock  to be in to capture  this.     I   was for along time the only poster on the WFR   bullboard when everyone was writing off solar.   That stock  has    gone up  500  %  off the 52 week low  and is now ready to  attack  the two  year resistance of ten   dollars.

   I  see the same trend  in NKO.   This company     is  donig the smart thnig now and I  am a patient lnog term investor.  I see  this as getting  back  to 50  within    3 years if they follow the      patient trajectory.  Im  not flipping either.  I added 5000  shares yesterday   and will  add more    if    next results is good also.