As a long time NKO shareholder I just can’t help but to wonder if major players like Exxon Mobil can explore this block (Quara Dagh) properly. NKO partnered with Vest Exploration (VST) in this block and undertook what ended up to be a showcase of incompetence when comes to drilling & in the process practically bankrupted VST.  Was Quara Dagh/Iraq just a prelude to what is going on now in Indonesia?

Is NKO playing the game outside its knowledge base, is Sampson’s ego the end of NKO, because over the last decade they have not progressed beyond what late Mr. Ohlson started.

Where is NKO’s board of directors in all this (from $110 to 8.5 trip) are they truly just a mindless ‘Yes’ men memorized by Sampson’s charm & tolerance for incompetence?

 I’m not bushing just asking