NKO blows off a new 52-week low. c'mon over to Freehold Royalties, T.FRU. Great divvy. Guess what? No staff overhead @ FRU, honest. Eddy the CEO of NKO clips in at $18 mill./year (The Globe. May, 2011), he lamely denied it on BNNTV (cause for lawsuit against the Globe, IMHO, I notice he has not done that). so, his 2 Generals must be pulling in around $7 or $8 mill. apiece.  Have there been pay cuts since the $100 share price for these 3 Nabobs (total pay of around $32, $33 mil-per year. Are you kidding? That triumvirate went to the Global ThinkTank on world oil pricies in London. Eng. in late August. Guess the "pay-off" was, uhm, pretty slim to share-holders. I wonder if they're headed to the World Economic Forum in swish Davos,  Switz. next week?? I wouldn't doubt it. Sell NKO, then buy T.FRU-to-day