I agree that Kurdistan was a show of incompetence when came to drilling & yes they ran VST to the ground with that well. And yes there was no accountability for that incompetence in fact if I remember correctly there were some bonuses assigned. I guess Sampson is just an all around guy and an excellent strategist but short on oil & gas expertise. However in talking to top people from NKO, Indonesia is done by Black Gold drilling experts - Niko bought this drilling outfit (ex Unocal deep drilling staff), so no Niko people will get a chance to screw this up. So I think they can drill but I’m still not sure if they can drill in the right place. And if Trinidad is any indication I’m beginning to question that…..we’ll see. But since I did not sell at $110 I’m sure not gona sell at $8.50. I'm expecting.... $25 plus in January.