from, exactly 2 months ago, Sept. 21st, 2012, on a BNNTV interrview straight from the Oil World Think-Tank in London, Eng., yea, BigBen was in the background. That's what he said, we hear 'ya, Eddy. Strong evidence (no reply to my quey on that junket) he & his 2 Generals travelled by Corporate jet for this junket. The "benefits" of this foray are now very, very much in evidence, new "lows" being broken each week. Nice work, NKO. At the TV interview, he meekly denied he is earning the (reported in The Globe,  May, 2010)  cool $18 million/year for his brilliance. So,his 2 Generals must be then pulling in around $7, $8 million apiece. Rather than an attractrive Indonesian lass on their web-site, NKO should have a pic. of CEO Eddy & his 2 Generals relaxing in a corporate jet on their way to yet another pointless think-tank.