From the 01/09/2013 News Release:

Our internal forecasts indicate that margins in excess of $25 per ton of frac sand can be realized on sales from the 7P Facility."

"We are fortunate to have the expertise of Ken Murdock," said Mr. Galipeau "Today's achievement is Ken's first step in his three-phase program which calls for production of 400,000 tpa of premium-quality Wisconsin frac sand in Canada by mid-2013 expanding to 1,500,000 tpa of imported and domestic frac sand within two years. Financing discussions are advancing."


Margins (PROFIT) for 2013...........400,000 x $25..........per month? per quarter? Yearly?


Margins (PROFIT) by 2015...........1,500,000 x $25..........per month? per quarter? Yearly?


This is serious money - PROFIT.


If this accurate, NI is way, way undervalued!


When will Mr. Market connect the dots and realize NI's potential?


I hope management can deliver???