Fracking News


“Scientists at Moscow State University have discovered a property of graphene that can be used for absorbing radiation and mining rare earth metals and shale hydrocarbons.”


“Moreover, according to Tour, when applied, the discovery could significantly lower the cost of fracking (a process currently used for extracting shale oil and gas).  “


“As for fracking, much also centers on naturally formed radionuclides, according to Tour. During this process, a pressurized mixture of water, sand and a number of chemical substances are pumped into a horizontal mine. The impact of this pressurized mixture makes cracks in the inner surface of the shale layer. When the liquid is sucked out of the mine, the oil and gas that have been freed from the rocks also start to trickle out.

This is a very expensive procedure that entails some serious environmental consequences: one such consequence has to do with the radionuclides that are brought up to the surface along with the water and chemical solution. Thus, graphene oxide can also come into its own here, helping to clean up radioactive contaminates released in the process of fracking. “