Now I certainly don't have all the answers but if I had to make some assumptions... Murdock is part owner of that plant and could very well be developing this for Ni on his own or with some of his old buddies. I say this because something is off a bit as I can't imagine they would only be looking for 710K for that plant. I'm thinking that might be the amount to pay off the creditors and then have some sort of back deal for getting financing with Murdock and his guys. He mentions possibility of stock piling during breakup etc so short term cash flow doesn't really stike me as a concern. A couple Mil for many of these guys in the oil services isn't much to come up with and trust me, cash isn't the problem in most cases.. it's making sure the product can be delivered as requested and on time which people know Murdock can do. Any of those 10 local 'customers' would also be in a position to ante up the cost for the right deal. Should be an interesting winter.