Finally had a few minutes to do some digging. Definately looks like the 3r Sand plant northeast of town and the plant is now off the approved waste disposal list from ERCB. I would never suspect the approval to convert the facility to frac sand pocessing to get delayed but it certainly looks like it's underway. There are some oil service companies who are sitting on piles of cash and that are certainly nearby. Schlumberger for instance is just wrapping up a huge facility in Central Alberta and are talking about 1 or 2 new ones to the south. They're not the only ones in growth mode and looking to organize themselves before the next boom. Victory Silica would be nothing more than a burp for these companies if they chose to secure their sand needs for the next 10 years. They obviously have no interest in Nickel re: Minago but securing a few hundred Mil in cash flow would go a long way for financing/credit line/etc. But hey what do I know.