Picked this report up over at Prophecy Platinum's board. Posted by eodway ...its a good read


A few excerpts...

  • In 2010 Chinese nickel consumption was .4 kilogram per capita, Germany was at 1.3 and Japan was the same. If the Chinese were to consume nickel at the same rate as Germans and Japanese Chinese nickel demand would increase by over one million tonnes


  • Global demand growth is dominated by China, China's nickel demand is expected to increase by 4-8% per year going forward. North American demand is expected to increase by 6-7% per year. With the current market so tight production delays, for any reason, even if only for a short period of time, could result in even tighter markets and much higher prices


    China is the leading consumer of nickel and is competing for supplies with US industrial demand, as well as India, Russia and Brazil. Exploration and development are subject to bubbles - boom to bust to boom. Capital Requirements are huge and the time required to bring in new capacity is measured in decades


It may eventually bode well for Minago