I wrote the company late last week and got a response on Thursday.

The management are now in negotiations for a Canadian plant to process the sands.  The rep could not state when it would happen, but that it would be in the near future.  As soon as they had more information on the plant they will release a statement.

This is after I wrote with concerns that many of us had about reports of nothing going on at the plant.  One person on here stated there was nothing and no tracks in the snow.  While a friend of mine had seen activity just prior to snowfall.

They are definately taking their time.  But I am going to be patient.  I have 10,000 shares at .03 and if I lose it oh well.  But if they can get that Frac going, that would give them at least 8 figures to increase their activity.

That is all I can give right now....good luck to you all, if I hear anything (besides the non-press announcement on the 14th that really said nothing again) I will let you know!!