I often wonder if magnesium oxide can create future value for Victory Nickel's Manago Project.


Per the 2009 DFS which indicted that 11,000 tonne of nickel in concentrate was 22.3% of the concentrate, it would give the total tonnage of the concentrate at ~49,325 tonne, while the magnesium oxide (MgO) at 10,4% would be ~5,130 tonne, which would be come to approximately 11,300 lbs of magnesium oxide.


Magnesium Prices

The link below gives magnesium's prices per pound - presently $2.00 to $ 2.20 – but, for high grade 99.9% pure magnesium.


Major end Users




If the quality of Victory's MgO can be similarly produced as in the first link, it might have a value of ~$22 million. I wonder if Victory can find a process to produce a form of magnesium as described in that link?


Victory's - 2009 DFS – indicated that Outotec's HydroNic a chloride hydrometallurgical process, is being evaluated to determine whether Minago concentrates can be treated using this technology. The process could improve recoveries and treat MgO content. Metal could be produced on site to eliminate smelter charges and significant freight costs.