I notice that in the first half of 2012 Northstar announced that it was acquiring three radiation centers.

Apparently, radiation services is totally unconsolidated in the United States.out


CTCA takes advantage of this and selectively acquires such services in its Centers.

Northstar did not complete the transaction, as a final agreement could not be reached.


At about this time, Northstar was probably negotiating with Lefton to leave CTCA and come as marketing director of Northstar.

Lefton joined Northstar about  a month ago.


One wonders if Northstar might have not completed the acquisiton of those radiation centers, because it had an inside track to becoming a new franchise of CTCA in Houston.Dallas which is a very rich area and not yet serviced by a  CTCA franchise.enefi

This would doubly benefit Northstar, as Lefton marketing skills could kill two birds with the one stone.