My understanding is that they release 2012 operational results and 2013 guidance next week on Feb 5th - essentially they release what they managed to produce in total for Q4 and 2012 including 13' guidance.  They report earnings sometime in late Feb/early March for q4/YE 12'.  I surely hope they dont miss or just come in conservatively because the stock is going to get hammered.  There is a 55MM short interest on the stock and while its not entirely a short, its used as a hedge against other long positions in fund managers portfolios.  I am told NewGold is a favourite for hedging because the stock is so liquid. Gee, I wish they would give that priveledge to some other miner.  Bottom line, management needs to get aggressive with numbers because the street is growing tired of the stock getting killed each time they report earnings. 

Time will tell but next week is crucial- cash costs/production actuals and guidance will be released and that is very important for NewGold. I am told they will be releasing updated reserves as well ?  Right now, NewGold needs good news and that means no surprises anywhere.  The entire sector has had the cr-p beaten out of it for many reasons including cost inflation, missed estimates, poor acquisitions that didnt pan out and lack of dividends... you have to ask yourself why park money if it isnt being rewarded?  You either have a growth strategy for the stock price or you have a dividend policy that shares the wealth or perhaps both?  At this time, at NewGold we have none of these elements: no divi, no growth in share price. Its been stagnant for 2 yrs now. Look at the chart - it doesnt lie.  So for us longs - lets hope management has some good news.