Lundin says hold Northern Dynasty through U.S. election


Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (C:NDM)
Shares Issued 94,995,764
Last Close 10/12/2012 $3.86
Monday October 15 2012 - In the News

Brien Lundin, in the September, 2012, edition of the Gold Newsletter, says hold Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd., recently $3.37. Mr. Lundin said buy seven times between March, 2002, and March, 2010, at prices ranging from 71 cents to $9.80. Assuming a $1,000 investment for each buy, the $7,000 position is now worth a pleasing $15,977. Northern Dynasty and Anglo American's Pebble project, in Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed, is under review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. On May 18, the EPA released a draft assessment report, which presents a hypothetical mining project's potential negative effects on the watershed environment. Northern Dynasty, like a cat after you step on its tail, pounced to defend itself; from late May until the end of August, it released six explanatory updates, while its stock traded between $2.30 and $2.94. (On May 17, its stock closed at $4.24.) The company called the report "rushed and inadequate," "biased," and "seriously flawed and not grounded in scientific analysis." Mr. Lundin says if Mitt Romney wins the coming election, he could reverse any decision the EPA may make against Pebble. For now, the editor says hold, and wait to see how the election goes.