rockhound:  May I assume when you refer to "players"  you want to know what ML Management have done or are doing.  Briefly & to the point a couple years back Pala had a very substantial Investment in Mercator for an average price $3.90.  Pala had let Mercators Management know that he was disappointed with their Management of ML. The ML CEO resigned receiving about $3m in severence.  One of his last deals was to have ML buy Creston Mines.  The CEO Creston became the CEO Mercator & sanctioned a "poison Pill" directed against Pala.  The takeover Creston has resulted in a 54% increase the # ML outstanding shares & Cumulative debt $134m.  ML had also bought El Pilar mine > the cost to bring these two Mines into production is about $900m.  Mercator Minerals alone is primarily consits of Moly Copper.  They had hedged the Copper price to 2016 @ average price $3.00.  Price of Moly has dropped about $3 a pound.  Consequently ML's EPS for 2013 is expected @ $.06 & with an PE ratio 9 = target $.54.  Nevada Copper through Pala bought 46m ML shares @ $.52.  With Pala having divested itself from Nevada (to take advantage of a income tax loss about $130m) Nevada now free to SELL its ML shares & possibly make a 19% profit .