Thanks for your positive replies.  I agree with all of you. My gut feel is that incorporating the 50,000 meters of new drill results into the new upcoming mine plan will reduce costs and extend the mine life. If the iron ore is not economical we must stockpile it for the future. 

Once up and running it will be the 3rd largest mine in the United States, behind only Morenci and Bingham Canyon. It will be worth far more than  it is priced today. There is no doubt in my mind that you will see this company bought out for a premium, at least $1 billion which will result in $12 a share minimum.

If we dont get bought out in the next 6 months, we will build the mine with minimum dilution to shareholders. 95% of the life of mine income is COPPER, yet we can forward sell the Silver and Gold to finance almost 70 % of the cost of the mine and then wait for the best offer. 

If copper goes to $1.75 we are still in business. If it goes over $4 we are generating $500 million a year after tax.

Name me another mine that has the most powerful speaker in the Whitehouse promoting it and his fellow Rebublicans and even the local natives are for it.

I wish I had more shares.