My shot in the dark would be a $7 share price based on land transfer and a good report that includes iron ore.  Iron ore is a bit of a wild card.  The value or any iron ore mine last August was approx. zero if you assumed that the then current price of $90 would last.  Now iron ore is $150 so the math would vary a lot depending on assumed commodity price.

It should cost about $20 less to ship iron ore to China from Nevada than it does from the Larador trough.  Expert input invited.

With the two big copper countries fumbling  (Chile and Peru) there is a very good chance the the long term copper price could average $4.00 or more including short spells over $5.00.  Barrick semed to expect $5.00 copper when they bough Equinox.  This will likely happen if the global economy gets going.

NCU is quite different from most others in that a shaft is already being constructed and by late 2013 an acquisitor could be selling copper within 24 to 28 months of paying for the new purchase.

The stars are aligning