Red  The short answer is UP


But like the spring rain and the june br  d - where in both cases - they/we know they are going to get it - just dont know when or how much!

The factors  going into the share price will depend on;

- the quanitity of metal ( copper, iron, moly, PM's), the recovery % ( dependant on metallurgy) ,the price of metals over the life of the mne , = will give the revenue

-  the amount of overburden and waste rock,  labour,  capital assets etc to arrive at =the costs.

- the amount of the cash inflows and outflows will their timing, and the "appropriate" interest factor will result in the Net Present Value "NPV"

Purchasers  will also also be interested in the "Payback period" = how long will it take a purchaser of NCU to get back the amount of their purchase price/investment- which is another way to measure risk!

Purchasers will be influenced by their own circumstances- their size , their cash resources, their borrowing ability, the markets, the alternatives available, the competiton for NCU, and lastly the way the wind is blowing!  + other unknown factors!  

And there are lots of other considerations- the excellent location of the deposit ( impacting infastructure), labour availablity, taxation etc etc  PLUS the probability that there is more ore yet to be found!!!

Thus the simple answer - is that the stock price will go up, but there are simply too many issues to fix on a specific #.  My guesstimate is about $8- BUT- it could be 12 or it could be 6.


I do hope that this helps- but - all I really know is that it will go up !

Comments of others appreciated.