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Nevada Copper Corp T.NCU

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Copper

Nevada Copper Corporation is an exploration-stage mining company which owns 100% of the Pumpkin Hollow Copper Development Property in the Walker Lane mineralised belt of Western Nevada.
Price: $1.81 | Change: $-0.04 | % Change: -2.16%
Volume: 36,800 | Day High/Low: 1.85/1.81 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.60/1.23

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NCU's advisors are on top of this!

At this point the decision is in the hands of others. I am positive that NCU has done all the right things-, however, in the US political process things don't go in a straight line. I do hope we wake...read more
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Key Dates

US Senate is in session from April 28-May-23rd. I suppose our land bill could come up for a vote during this time period. I am not sure how it works for the House of Representatives....  rate and reply
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RE:Bogfit- thanks for the post.

Rockhound, Back in the 80's I attended a gold mining seminar at the MacKay School of Mines, and I asked one of the geologists why most of the gold mines in Northern Nevada were owned by Canadian...read more
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Bogfit- thanks for the post.

I do hope that the Nevadans don't consider a Canadian company to be carpet baggers? and while it is a Canadian parent it is effectively controlled by a former Russian. I feel I can straddle the fence...read more
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RE:cattle grazing , tortises, solar farms and the chinese!

Rockhound, I agree and either do I see any relationship to PH from the nonsensical right-wing conspiracy post that was posted. First of all, I've been on the ground at PH and it would take all of it...read more
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RE:Sorry- I dont charge interest;

NCU has definitely been doing very well for the past few months.  I like the trend a lot, this looks like it might be moving towards something approaching value.  GLTA.  rate and reply
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Sorry- I dont charge interest;

I do give away appreciated shares to charities to avoid the capital gains tax. I don't charge interest on $ I have given to family members. Life is very short and some have more $, are more risk...read more
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RE:One can always use more $$ even if it just to help others!

Well helping other financially is a good things, but it would be interesting to note how much interest rates are charged on it.  rate and reply
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One can always use more $$ even if it just to help others!

And $10 might be on the high side- however given the close ownership I wouldn't totally dismiss it and as well the mere mention of $10+ likely gets one of our favorite posters very excited and the...read more
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RE:Cu Junior- NCU vs MIN

I sure hope NCU gets taken out suddenly, because if the price just rises bit by bit, I would be tempted to sell at $4. I know you have posted that it wouldn't affect your lifestyle one way or the...read more
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Cu Junior- NCU vs MIN

I haven't changed my holdings in MIN however I added another 25000 shares of NCU last week at 1.75/76. I don't disagree that MIN could move significantly - however it is at a different stage compared...read more
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Kurd- thanks for your insight.

Good luck and I do hope you are feeling better. Rock ps Have you noted the share increase so far today?  rate and reply
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Rock - Are you out of MIN?

Sorry to post on this board, but Rockhound hasn't posted on the MIN board since Feb 9 when he had worries based on insider selling. I currently have 325 shares of MIN for every 175 shares of NCU. NCU...read more
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Bozo is alive Bozo is alive

Good to hear that you are alive and still telling the board how great you are.  All the ones who listened to me would have loaded up at under $1.50.  I expect to see your pumping to increase as the sp...read more
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Kurd we wondered where you went!

Cant say we are glad to hear that you still have a negative view of the world. And your kind words are so helpful. I don't know where your knowledge of Red and my holdings comes from- presumably from...read more
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If only the cr ap news out of China would stop!!!  Copper chart peaked in 2011 and has looked ugly since, setting lower highs and lower lows after 2011.  Hopefully bozos have sold their combined 30...read more
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cattle grazing , tortises, solar farms and the chinese!

Not sure I am following the threat to NCU by cattle ranchers-given any of the pictures of the place that are on the website?? Now I suspect the area might be good for a solar electricity farm? And...read more
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Wondering,....maybe this is why we are not getting approval

(NaturalNews) A real estate expert says he thinks the recent standoff between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy is not about grazing rights or the endangerment...read more
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Junior- you beat me to it!

Clearly las Bambas sale shows that there is still great interest in and need for copper. Whether Glencore is a suitor however I do see this stock moving much higher once the land deal gets done. Hold...read more
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Could Glencore buy NCU?

Glencore just sold their Las Bambas project (that will produce about 880 million lbs of copper per yr) for $6 billion in cash. Could they be a possible suitor for NCU?  rate and reply