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Nevada Copper Corp T.NCU

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Copper

Nevada Copper Corp is an exploration-stage mining company which owns 100% of the Pumpkin Hollow Copper Development Property in the Walker Lane mineralised belt of Western Nevada.
Price: $2.19 | Change: $-0.06 | %Change: -2.67%
Volume: 530,395 | Day High/Low: 2.25/2.17 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.83/1.23

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Touch- it all happened at the open

I think it was one large block of approx. 500,000. Likely an arranged sale. The comment of 1 million changing hand doesn't appear to be supported by what is reported. Interesting times. Someone sells...read more
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RE:1m shares traded today

Anyone know who was buying and who was selling? Someone(s) must have been supporting it to have only dropped 2.5% with that much volume. -class  rate and reply
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Bog= the rabbiit /Desert Hare- with Big Ears

Bog- While it was 45 yrs ago I have vivid memories of running over the subject HARE- in the middle of Death Valley. After I hit him I backed up to see if said rabbit was alive - only to run over the...read more
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RE:Bog- were you doing a 30k run thrugh Death valley?

Too bad DV is one of the prettiest sights in America. I was road cycling in those days, only way I could be going 8 mph after 3 hours. LOL I was teaching school and would spend every 3 day weekend...read more
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Bog- were you doing a 30k run thrugh Death valley?

Bog I have fond memories of driving across Canada and the USA driving from San Francisco to the outskirts of Los Vegas passing through Death valley in the dark only to hit a very tall Rabbit != some...read more
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RE:Thanks Bog

Too bad Bouchard suffered from heat exhaustion and lost the match. But like they say there's always another 4 slams next year. I know how heat exhaustion can wring you out. I started a 50 mile out and...read more
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1m shares traded today

5x the average  rate and reply
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one source of comment re copper= Scotia

I would note that in the Scotia writeup on NCU last week that they are using an average copper price of 3.92. And while some may think of selling at $3 I would be really surprised if PALA lets this go...read more
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RE:Lot's of risk at this point with copper

Please explain specifically how the price of the other commodities you cited creates "lots of risk" for Cu. Although the price of commodities in dollars (just like the Dow Jones!) will track the...read more
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RE:Lot's of risk at this point with copper

Oil -- oversupplied market Gold -- US$ strength Iron ore -- another oversuppiled market don't lump all commodities together. what's surprising is weakness in palladium, butbit could be that it's...read more
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Lot's of risk at this point with copper

just look at oil, gold, iron ore, etc.  rate and reply
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Rockbound has me worried with his big prediction for September.  Typically, things go opposite of what he says.  In this case, I will be praying very hard that he is right for once and that we do...read more
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Not good. All this talk is about a stock market correction can become a self fulfilling prophesy. Part of that talk is from Republicans hoping to show a poorer performing economy going into the mid...read more
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More than 500,000 shares traded in first 30 minutes of trading. Rock  rate and reply
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At least when the stock was below $1.50 I wasn't advising people not to buy since the ever illusive "trend " was telling you to not buy since NCU was going to go down below $1. We all have our right...read more
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September a good month??

I would love to see you be right for once in your prediction!!  Just all about every other prediction you made did not materialize, but it would be great if you got lucky and we did receive great news...read more
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Facts, Speculation and the Naive!

As almost all readers appreciate some don't read and comprehend- I referred to a total resource as a "guesstimate"- which in my mind is only slightly different from speculation. The point is that the...read more
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Difference between facts and B.S

Promotors use B.S figures to try and mislead the naive.  While I do believe the statements from NCU that there is potential for an increase in resource, all other statements from so called experts are...read more
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Thanks Bog

Canada's talent isn't limited to mining! I also hope she goes to the top. Rock  rate and reply
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-43-101 numbers for the verified amounts vs total resource

Kurd if you will recall there was a little company called Bre-X which in 1997 gave out some very false information and as a result of this a new defined terminology/protocol called 43-101 was...read more