It should probably be possible to use some of what Waplan himself has said in interviews, including the following speaks against him.
text is taken from an article in the business world, "At a meeting in late November 2012, felt both management and the Board as to how much more expensive the project had become. Nevertheless held crisis secret for nearly two months. chairman Anders Hvide held a draw for prospective investors in mining conference Mines & Money in London in early December. And in early January, met with the Company returned investors, this time at SEB Enskilda's offices in Copenhagen . , on none of the occasions told the company to potential investors about the very difficult financial situation. According to people who were there the tone was positive or even "very positive" and not a word breathed that the company was in urgent and pressing need of capital. Mr. Waplan confirms that management was aware of the need for capital when investing the presentations took place. At the beginning of December working company with financing while the presentations painted a rosy picture of the company and its capabilities. According CEO focused presentations on how well the schedule was kept. Did you give the right image of the company when you in January, spoke in Copenhagen? - If I look at the pictures from there so the presentation was focused on that we were in production, and that we were on schedule. But most importantly, well that costs were exceeded, something you known since the end of November? - Yes, but we worked the time to resolve the matter. It was going on. , you've got demands on you from the exchange to present relevant financial information. How do you think you put on the thing? - We checked with our legal advisors if you could go on this way. There we were terribly careful to do. the end of January hit Northland once investors to advertise the company for raising funds. But now it was not longer hide how acute the financial situation was. During vow of silence from investors conducted a tour of Europe and Canada. But already during the road show's third day (of five planned) mouthed anyone, and plans for a rights issue was made ??public in a hurry. According Waplan has leak notification to the Oslo Stock Exchange. Any hope of finding the source harboring he does not. "

 Here's a little blurb of how honest our management is. These scumbags have no respect for us s/h, be nice to see these idiots prosecuted.