The Continued Listings Committee of TSX has determined that the Company has failed to meet the continued listing requirements of the TSX, following the Company's decision to enter into corporate reconstruction for its three Swedish subsidiaries. The Company is currently working to obtain the adequate working capital and appropriate capital structure to secure its long-term operations.

The Company is continuing its constructive discussions with its creditors and other stakeholders to secure funding for its short term as well as its long term operations. When this occurs, the Company currently intends to apply to the TSX to have its common shares re-instated on the TSX.

The TSX has resolved that Northland's common shares will remain suspended from trading on the TSX until they are delisted on March 18, 2013.

The Company's common shares have a dual listing on the Oslo Børs (the "OSE"), ticker NAUR, and trading on the OSE will continue at the OSE's discretion. The Company intends to maintain its listing on the OSE and will assist shareholders who wish to transfer their Northland common shares from trading on the TSX, in a CDS position, to trading on the OSE in the electronic position in Norway (VPS/Verdipapirsentralen).

Further instructions regarding the transfer process from CDS to VPS will be posted on the Company's website/Investor Relation shortly.

And yes i  was reallt thinking then everything was kapout but the news this am is proving then they will work to

stay  on tsx .They do have respect to shareholder for once.