One would think that the investment banks that put their clients into the placements would have completed an in depth due diligence for the amounts that were  being placed.  The bond holders should have carried out significant due diligence.  The indepth detailed information is not readily  available to the retail investor other in news releases or on Sedar (no Sedar on Oslo Bors).  The news release chain by Northland was a a line of good news with promised favorable resluts.  The retail investors primary source of information was tainted.

The TSX finally had the guts to halt trade the shares.  They are halting under the cover of potential delisting not for wrong doing but it does buy them time to look at the entire situation.  Yes it hurt the NA investors because the Bors continue to allow trading.  Different Exchange different rules.  I doubt that the Bors will ever investigate a Hvide or Pareto.  Big fish in a small pond.  The Bors should investigate and halt trading while they do it.

Interesting financials are being delayed two weeks. Whats up with that? More bad news?