The first vessel will be loaded with 55,000 tonnes of concentrate

Feb 15, 2013

Loading of iron ore concentrate has begunLoading of iron ore concentrate has begun
The construction of Northland’s mine area in Kaunisvaara began two years ago. The historic initial ore blast in Tapuli was fired on October 18 last year.

Towards the end of last year, production commenced of the high-quality iron ore concentrate that is Northland’s end product. The operational launch of the concentration plant has progressed well or, as the company’s COO Peter Pernlöf says: “to some extent even better than expected” and during the start-up phase, it has been possible to gradually increase the production volume.

On Monday, February 11, 2013, it was possible to bring the final part of the logistics chain into operation. That was when the loading of the Star Norita began, the first vessel that is to take Northland’s iron ore concentrate from Narvik and out to the market.
The concentrate is brought to Narvik from the reloading terminal in Pitkäjärvi, to which it is transported from Kaunisvaara by the specially built trucks operated by Cliffton on Northland’s behalf.

The rail transports are handled by Green Cargo, with two train sets of 27 cars apiece being operated per 24-hour period for the time being. That means that about 3,240 tonnes of concentrate arrive at the port terminal each day.
Initially, the vessel is being loaded using a temporary solution since Northland’s own ship-loader is not yet ready. Some construction also remains on the concentrate warehouse being built adjacent to the newly built dock. With the temporary solution, unloading and loading takes longer than would normally be the case.

It was a pleased VP of Marketing, Hans Nilsson, who was able to attend the historic first loading of Northland’s end product on site in Narvik.

“You can’t be anything but pleased on a day like this, seeing the first ship loaded. I’ve been waiting for this since 2008. We can at last start generating income,” he says as the concentrate is lowered into the cargo hold of the Star Norita.
Initially, the plan was to load the ship with 40,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate which would have taken about ten days to get onboard.

“As was requested by the customer, the shipload has increased from 40,000 tonnes to 55,000 tonnes. This is very pleasing and will lead to a lower freight cost per tonne.”

As a consequence of the increased shipload, the vessel is expected to leave Narvik on February 25. The first delivery will go to IJmuiden in the Netherlands and steel producer Tata Steel.

Watch the slideshow here below. From the reloading terminal in Pitkäjärvi and of course the loading of Norita Star in the Port of Narvik

The scenary along the road to Narvik